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services_picWe’ve all seen the fit, active hiker out on the trail with an aging dog that’s struggling to keep up. That owner doesn’t want to see the changes in their pet and is trying to maintain their same old routine, when their dog can no longer handle that distance or intensity. Having a vintage pet means needing more specialized care, so here at Tender Touch, we’re committed to your dog’s individual needs. Rather than take an older pet out with a pack of younger dogs, a walk with a Tender Touch specialist offers a one-on-one, gentle, stimulating and personalized exercise regime that doesn’t tax older joints. We can tailor a plan to your dog or cat’s needs, and we’ll devote all of our undivided attention to your pet while we’re on the call.

Let us help you structure a proper diet, exercise and supplement plan for your dog or cat (or any animal for that matter) as well as administer any medications when you’re not available.


Personalized individual dog walks.
One-on-one cat care and small pet visits. (Yes, we work with all furred, feathered & finned!)
Specialized and individualized exercise regimen for dogs with dysplasia, arthritis, and post-op care.
Pet Taxi transport to veterinarians and groomers.
Special requests like picking up supplies, pet medications, & administering meds, too!

Contact Adele today for a free in-home consultation! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.